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Success Stories

The Surrogacy Journey

Our story in short: We tried to have children for many years. We tried everything that was possible to get help in our country. In the end, our doctor said that if we wanted to have a family, we had two options. It was either to adopt or choose for a surrogate mother. We chose the last one. It took about 9 years to make the final decision to go for surrogacy. If we had the opportunity, we would have had that wish to start with the surrogacy program many years earlier. The help we received at the Mediterranean Fertility Clinic was very good. We received very good follow-up from the clinic from the beginning, to the end. There were some challenges we encountered along the way, together with the clinic we managed to go through.


For us, Crete was also a wonderful resort to come to. We were able to combine both the surrogacy program and vacation at the same place. The result was magnificent. We got two beautiful and healthy children.


Much love,

Two very grateful parents!