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Embryos Donation

Embryos Donation

As with sperm or egg donation, patients are also asked to decide whether to proceed with having a child with donor genetic material. This decision is even more difficult and requires mature thought as well as a discussion with the embryologist and fertility specialist of our center.

In order for the patient to resort to this option, it means that there is a fertility problem on both sides of the partners, and a pregnancy is not possible. In most cases, this prompts our doctors after one (1) or two (2) failed IVF efforts using only one genetic material. If other factors have been observed (pregnancy palsies, miscarriages, etc.) then the patient should follow the choice of embryo donation.

This method is not so different from the other two (egg/sperm donation). The patients are called to fill in a questionnaire with the characteristics of the donors and then the stage of finding the suitable donors follows. In the case of the female donor, our center takes over this process, while for the male donor’s case we can help you order the genetic material from the sperm banks that we cooperate with. The stage of egg collection from the donor is next, the fertilization in the laboratory of our center and the woman is called to carry out the embryotransfer on the 3rd or 5th day after the egg collection.

The success rates are surely better than the ones of simple IVF treatments, because all the genetic material comes from Approved donors with excellent specifications.