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03 Ottobre 2018

The Quality Management System is the organization, means and staff required to handle the quality management of an Assisted Reproduction Unit. This entails all planned actions or processes that are necessary to ensure that the medical services provided meet certain requirements.

These actions or procedures concern:
• The organization and structure of the IVF laboratory

• The identification and traceability of biological samples (in this case sperm, oocytes and embryos)

• Establishing an optimal environment in the IVF laboratory for the culture and development of embryos

• Monitoring and recording of all clinical processes in order to evaluate clinical efficacy

• Preparing the patients for oocyte collection, sperm preparation and embryo transfer

• Establishing a risk management system for patients as well as the business environment (protection of cryopreserved biological material and medical records, etc.)

• Continuous training of staff with new developments in the field of Assisted Reproduction Techniques

• The management of bio-waste

The certification of the Quality Management System implemented by an IVF is performed with the international ISO standards, which ensure the expected quality of services offered by the Unit in order to satisfy its customers/patients. This certification is audited annually by official Certification Bodies. Such standards are ISO 9001 and DIN EN 15224. The first focuses on continuous improvement processes to achieve the objectives related to the overall performance of the IVF Unit in terms of service delivery and better customer service. The latter is the European framework of standards that involves quality in medical practice.

The Mediterranean Fertility Institute being one of the first IVF centre in Greece, operating since 1992, aims at fulfilling each couple's dream of becoming a parent, has been certified since 2015 with international ISO standards 9001: 2015 and DIN EN 15224: 2016. Our centre and in its ongoing effort to provide top-level services and to be among the best IVF units in the world is in the process of getting one more certification, that of TEMOS.

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