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28 Δεκέμβριος 2016


For over 20 years Mediterranean Fertility Institute has been achieving success rates that are amongst the highest in the world.
Besides resulting in the births of over 5,000 babies, these years of experience have also allowed us to listen to thousands of patients requirements to develop unique options and protocols to meet those needs.
The medical training and technology are not always enough to build the family of your dreams. At Mediterranean Fertility Institute we guarantee that every family receives the most personal attention possible and a customized treatment plan to suit their goals and circumstances at all times.

We hope that the following questions will allow you to make a more informed decision about your Egg Donation Program:

Is every aspect of your egg donors’ screening, matching and monitoring done personally by the clinic team?

The Mediterranean Fertility Institute does everything on-site in their offices, from beginning to end. Nothing is outsourced. We believe that this enables us to really get to know your donor, to provide her with the utmost attention, to identify potential issues and solve them before they become problems and to offer you the assurance that goes along with that.

Does the cost include all donor screening tests, genetic counseling, medications, and monitoring?

The Mediterranean Fertility Institute quotes every cost up front, openly and honestly from the very first consultation. We worked hard to develop transparent, full-disclosure cost sheets that enable you to plan accurately for all that lies ahead. We realize that planning for your family is essential and enabling you to understand up-front how all the finances work and what you can expect to encounter, minimize surprises or unnecessary stress.

Are the donors in your database exclusive, current and local? How many of them are repeat and proven donors?

Every Mediterranean Fertility Institute donor is an exclusive donor, available, and local. You will never be offered a donor who is committed elsewhere or who is not available at the time that you request her. Being local also means that they are responsible for all their own travel arrangements and that you will not face additional travel, lodging or food expenses that always accompany donors chosen from outside regions.
About 60% of our donors have donated before. Whenever a donor is allowed to repeat a donation, it is because her prior donation(s) resulted in a successful pregnancy and birth.


Are all of the donor’s screening tests (medical, genetic, and psychological) completed prior to their inclusion in the donor database or offering them for a match?

Applicants will never be proposed to you unless they have already survived the rigorous screening of our medical, psychosocial, genetic, and legal requirements.

Many other clinics claim that they have many donors from which to choose, but often these are profiles of women who have applied but have not yet been screened, which means that if you pick one of them it is very possible that months later the match may need to be broken due to unforeseen issues. We do everything we can to prevent this sort of disappointment and waste of time, money and emotional energy.

For egg donation cycles, do you guarantee a minimum number of eggs, or embryo donation/adoption program to avoid cycle cancellations?

You will completely avoid such pitfalls with Mediterranean Fertility Institute since we guarantee the number of mature eggs you will receive in each of our egg donation programs. We are able to provide this guarantee because of our experience, the high quality of our carefully screened egg donors, and our advanced vitrification (freezing) technology and protocols that allow us to use the Donor Egg Bank to supplement any shortfall in the number of eggs you receive from your designated egg donor and of course at no additional cost.
An additional backup option we offer is our embryo donation program which provides access to embryos that other people have chosen to donate after their own family building journeys have been completed successfully.

What is your average wait time to match to an egg donor?

In almost every instance, donor matches in Mediterranean Fertility Institute are immediate, with absolutely no waiting, often within a few days of starting the selection process. This is the result of extensive donor recruitment efforts. If your needs or requirements for your egg donor are highly specific (such as a unique ancestry, Ivy League background, or particular “look” or skill) we can easily accommodate that through focused recruiting, but this may add a few more weeks to the process.

Are advanced IVF laboratory services like vitrification and embryo biopsy for PGD routinely performed on-site by the clinic’s embryologists?

All eggs and embryos in Mediterranean Fertility Institute are frozen with rapid - freeze “vitrification” protocols and techniques which result in over 98% embryo post - thaw survival, which is far superior to the rates seen with the “old school” slower freeze techniques that are still used in many other clinics and have much lower success rates associated with them. How you freeze your embryos may not seem like an essential decision at the beginning of your journey, but it is because most of our intended parents return in the future to create siblings and in those instances, having high-grade viable embryos to use creates for a far more efficient and cost-effective process.
An advanced form of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), is another option available to you at our center and can be used to screen for chromosomal abnormalities. We would be happy to speak to you about the benefits and limitations of this testing process.


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