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26 November 2016

Greece is a great place to visit for IVF therapy. It is our destination of choice for 2017. Throughout this month we will be providing you with information about this wondrous country and its resources for those entering IVF treatment.

We understand that deciding to do your IVF treatment in another country can be a daunting decision to make. You must look at the treatment options available to you which best fit your diagnosis, along with the time and money you have available, and, of course, your own comfort.


Treatment abroad – not an easy choice

When choosing the option of treatment abroad, the most common factors are the availability of the latest assisted reproductive technologies (ART), local legislature related to IVF, how much money will be spent and how much can be saved, the waiting time (if any), and anonymity.

As the northern hemisphere approaches winter, many of us are looking for places to visit to avoid, or at least take a break from, the months of cold weather to come. People often like to combine their IVF treatment with a holiday. Greece has much to offer: the quality of their facilities, specialists and procedures, and the elements of the country to explore and enjoy on vacation. Some of the simple reasons Greece has become a favourite holiday destination are the vibrant environments, luscious Mediterranean weather, and enchanting local history.

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